WonderCon 2015 – Anaheim, California

WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim was fantastic!

When I was in school down in San Diego, going to Comic-Con was a breeze.  Many a time, I’d drive over and pick up a badge that very same day.  Even when I relocated back to the OC and then LA, I did’t face much of a problem getting tickets, but by the time my first child came, it became exceedingly more difficult, so I stopped going.

Then, when WonderCon moved to Anaheim (initially temporarily), I was overjoyed. My own hometown got a con. The first year I believe they shared the space with a Volleyball Tournament, but besides that I loved it and have gone ever since.

The Family Haul

The Family Haul

As I write this, I’ve seen the announcements that 2015 was the last year it would be in Anaheim and would move to LA. I’m sad to see it leave my home town, but LA convention center is even closer to me.

This year, I took the kiddos and made plans with other friends to bring their children. At final count, there was seven rugrats high on sugar and amazed.

There was the occasional “kids don’t touch” and “kids lets not look at the zombie massacre.” But overall, awesome times. The kiddos were worn out by the end of the day. Tummies full candy and ice cream and bags full of comics, toys, stickers, cards …

On a personal note, as someone who tries to carve out a little time for creative endeavors, I find cons provide some good mojo for the soul.

There is more stuff to see, talks to listen to, games to play, then you can accommodate in 3 days. With kids, I limit our time to 3-4 hours which is their threshold. I appreciate artists and vendors and try to do my part by calling out those who we visited and really went out of their way.

In no particular order:

  • Douglas Neff (Epic Win! The Geek’s Guide to the Journey from Fan to Creator). I attended his Saturday morning talk. I’ve been to his discussions before. Positive. Good Advice. Think Tony Robbins for the Geek set.
  • Superfight:I bought their game last year at WonderCon and returned to by an expansion pack this year. Their booth is bigger. Glad for their success. Fun game.
  • Girl Genius: Phil Foglio was at his booth and was wonderful to my girls recommending to my oldest what Girl Genius book to start with.
  • Mysterious Galaxy and Kevin Anderson: One of my favorite bookstores. Always helpful and true fans. To knock it up a notch, Kevin Anderson was at their booth when I visited. He is  charming and treats his fans with respect. I’ve attended his writing conference. And let me say this, he won me over as a fan many years ago buy giving me the first paperback in his Saga of Seven Suns series. I’ve bought them every since. I purchased the new one and he signed it.
  • ERB: I grew up watching the old Tarzan movies with my dad. I chatted with staff at the booth, I even pulled out recent picture I had taken when I was in Tarzana on business. Great folk.
  • IDW: Our first stop as my girls poured over the My Little Pony graphic novels. Great to my kids.
  • R2 Builders: My girls followed the R2 units around for a long time. The builders were very accommodating to all and my girls just stood in awe at “real” droids.
  • Loscon: Walked down the fan section. Loscon booth staff chated my kids up and told me how there is plenty to do at their con in November.  I look forward to the event.692
  • 501st  : Like the R2, this group is top notch, the kidos loved seeing actual stormtroopers.
  • Imaganarium Galleries: Ther kidos got dragon puppets which we cracked up about. The staff were so accommodating. Love it.
  • Rhode Montijo: The autor of The Halloween Kid was there. Wonderful booth design. Girls were transfixed with the rough cut of the cartoon version. Buy the book.
  • Frank & Steinway by Wil Panganiban: Talked with muy kidos. Read his comics.701
  • Sharkchild: Great guy. Love his books. Look forward to picking up the next volume at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival.

Next year if you find yourself in Los Angeles around Spring time, check out WonderCon.


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