Film Location Godzilla (1998)

Film Location Godzilla (1998)

The GINO movie. (For you non-kaiju fans, GINO = Godzilla in name only.)

I know some fans do not like Ron Emerlishs’s 1998 take on Godzilla (or as many fans refer to the monster in this movie Zilla.) I understand their concerns and comments, but I still like the film. Maybe it’s the quirky casting: Mathew Broderick, Hank Azaria, Jean Redo. Maybe it’s Emerlish’s inside jokes at Siskel and Ebert. Maybe it’s the fact that this takes place in Manhattan, but Zilla’s primary rampage is through downtown Los Angeles. Whatever the reason, this movie is one of my guilty pleasures.

For those not familiar with Godzilla movies, let me sum of the basis premise: giant monster rampages through metropolitan city.

After several viewings, didn’t I just say it was a guilty pleasure, a sign caught my attention : Clifton’s Cafeteria. You see, my father grew up going to Clifton’s with his grandparents. He has fond memories of the place, so he took us kids to Clifton’s. In fact, I took my father and younger brother a couple years back right before it was closed for redevelopment.

On more viewings I started noticing more downtown Los Angels buildings and street signs.

Finally, one day I headed down to take some comparison shots.

So, the next time you are celebrating some kaiju or Godzilla event, and you have already stopped by the Godzilla Plaque, head to downtown Los Angeles to relive some of your favorite moments.


A lot of the action takes places at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Street in downtown Los Angeles.

In this shot, Zilla is rampaging west on 7th towards Broadway. You can see the I.N. Van Nuys Building which is located at 210 West 7th Street. Also, the large parking structure located on the southeast corner of 7th and Broadway stands out.

At the same intersection, Zilla is now rampaging north on Broadway towards 7th. You can see the marquee of the historic Loew’s State Theater located at 703 South Broadway.

At the same intersection, now Zilla is rampaging east on 7th. The Loew’s State Theater marquee stands out even more.

Zilla has now moved to the corner of 8th and Broadway. Zilla is looking east on 8th street. The distinct facade of the historic Tower Theater stands out. The Tower Theater is located at 802 South Broadway. If you are comicbook movie fan, this area may stand out as the location was used in both Constantine and Blade.

Zilla is now back at the 7th and Broadway intersection. Zilla is now rampaging north on Broadway. The distinct Clifton’s Cafeteria sign stands out. Clifton’s is located at 648 South Broadway.

Zilla is now rampaging north on Broadway towards 6th Street.

There are plenty of other Zilla sightings in downtown Los Angeles, but Zilla’s activity seems to be focused around 7th and Broadway.

Hey, just as an added bonus, after you have finished seeing the plaque and visiting downtown Los Angeles, stop and see the star.

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