Bookstores: Vroman’s Bookstore since 1894

Vroman’s Bookstore is a jewel in the San Gabriel Valley’s crown. When you find yourself in Pasadena (as opposed to if … everyone should eventually make the trek), a stop and browse at Vroman’s is a must. In fact, add it to your bucket list. It has served as my lunchtime oasis from my corporate job for close to a decade. Also, do I really need to spell out the importance of bookstores (independent to boot)?
Vroman's Bookshelf

Vroman’s has a dedicated Horror, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Comic section. And, you can see the care the buyers take in their choices and display. In fact, the way I discovered such writers as Patrick Rothfuss, Mira Grant, Philip Pullman, Daniel Rushkoff was staff suggestions and displays.

Vroman's Horror BookshelfWhen (once again, notice how I am not saying ‘if’) planning your visit, look at their website for speaking events. Anyone with clout will do a signing and or talk at Vroman’s on their book tour. I’ve listened to Grant Morrison, James Ellroy, Seth Grahame-Smith to name just a few.  I even worked my way into Zeli’s Coffee Bar and Bakery when Laura Bush did her book signing.  Did I mention that Vroman’s has a great little coffee bar located right next to it?  Well, it does and I love their ham and cheese sandwich.  So, peruse their events calendar, make the trek, grab some grub at Zeli’s then head upstairs and enjoy a literati salon.

I’m warning that you may develop Vroman’s addiction and toss down a couple shekels every visit as I do. (I believe I did almost all my Christmas shopping at the store.)

And, as a parent, I would be remiss if I did not mention their stellar children’s section on the second floor.

So, plan your visit! Eat, read, and be merry.

PS. If you look closely while in the Travel section you me have a sense of deja vu … watch 40 Year Old Virgin and look for the bookstore scene.

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