Movieland Wax Museum

The Movieland Wax Museum doesn’t exist anymore.

In 2005, the Movieland Wax Museum shut it’s doors. The city of Buena Park purchased the property in 2007.

However, remnants still stand for those urban explorers.

My grandmother loved this place. In fact, every time I think about my visit to this place it is with my grandmother. I believe my last visit to this museum was with her when I was a senior in high school, so we’re talking the late 1980s.

On a trip to Independence hall with my daughter, I deiced to pull over and do a little exploring. Also, I needed a coffee and the old Starlite Gift Shop is now a Starbucks.

At one time, the Movieland Wax Museum had over 300 wax figures and 150 sets, which put it as the largest wax museum in the United States. The museum was founded by Allen Parkinson in 1962, but sold to the Six Flags Corp. in 1970. Located in the so-called attraction zone in Buena Park, it stood along side Japanese Village and Deer Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the Alligator Farm. Now, only Knott’s remains.

Most of the wax figures and sets from the Movieland Wax Museum were auctioned off in March of 2006.


The city kept the building and marquee and the tall sign, which is the tallest sign in Orange County. However, the inside is now hosts two exhibits: Titanic and Bodies in Motion.

Oh, and they kept the hand/foot prints …



7711 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620



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