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The Magnolia Park Neighborhood in Burbank is a mecca for all things horror and science-fiction. 

While in the neighborhood, I stopped by Creature Features for some browsing. I did have a goal in mind. Although I love shopping online and I am an Amazon Prime member, I will first shop at the local Southern California businesses I support.  So, I had a book I wanted at Dark Delicacies and a magazine I wanted … and was sure if anyplace had it … Creature Features would … and of course they came through.

As always, awesome job Creature Features!

The about section of their website gives you the complete history regarding the store. Spend some time on their website, they are always having an art event related to science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Anyway, I can just peruse their display cases for hours. However, on this trek, I had a goal and when I arrived at their Universal Monster display case, the magazine I was looking for was prominently displayed.
On aside, I was headed back up to Red Rock Canyon and I knew Richard J. Schmidt had written an article for Monsters from the Vault, Vol 12, #23 Spring 2007 regarding The Mummy shooting locations. I already has his guide book for Red Rock, but thought the more in depth article would provide for some interesting reading  before my hike.

So, next time you are in the Magnolia Park Neighborhood stop in.






2904 West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506

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